Album Review Editors - Violence

Editors - Violence

At times it makes a case for a return to the spotlight.


After manoeuvring themselves well out the way of the ’00s indie cull, Editors find themselves still very much alive in 2018. If their fifth album (2015’s self-produced ‘In Dream’) presented the Birmingham U2-worshippers as survivors, their sixth at times even makes a case for a return to the spotlight.

Lead single ‘Magazine’ possess the moodiness of Interpol with added euphoria, while ‘Violence’ creates an creepy yet endearing atmosphere throughout its six-minute run.

The problem, ultimately, is over-indulgence - and it holds ‘Violence’ back from being a true return to form. Piano ballad ‘No Sound But The Wind’ drags its heels in a ‘Coldplay at their worst’ kind of way, whereas ‘Belong’ confirms the album’s desperate need for some hard editing.

As with almost every Editors record post Mercury-nominated debut ‘The Back Room’, there are fleeting moments to enjoy. But while aiming for something epic in scope, the five-piece have again delivered an album that will keep wheels turning for another few years. 

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