Album Review Mark Ronson - Late Night Feelings

Mark Ronson - Late Night Feelings

The last dance at the disco, as romances are made and dreams are broken.


Ever since his breakthrough with 2007’s ‘Version’, Mark Ronson’s career has been fairly un-pigeonhole-able. There’s no-one else, let’s face it, whose name is credited on albums by both Adele and Black Lips. It’s why, though logic might expect him to follow up the mammoth success of ‘Shallow’ with another stab at the stratosphere, it actually makes far more sense in Ronson-world to deliver ‘Late Night Feelings’: his most emotive, personal album to date, chock full of subtle, sad bops and wistful nuance. Recruiting an army of female guest vocalists, the album veers from eyelash-fluttering disco shimmies on its Lykke Li-featuring title track, through Camila Cabello’s more Radio 1 turn on ‘Find U Again’ through the weird, bass funk of ‘Knock Knock Knock’, featuring a star turn from Yebbe. The ‘biggest’ track is, unsurprisingly, Mark’n’Miley’s already-released ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’, but it’s a testament to the album that the singer’s star power doesn’t dominate; instead, it brings to a close a record that pushes each of its contributors to stamp their own mark, uniting them under the banner of heartbreak but leaving room for each vocalist to twist the blueprint to their own shape. ‘Late Night Feelings’ is the last dance at the disco, as romances are made and dreams are broken; at least with Mark at the helm, you know the playlist’s in good hands.

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