Papercuts - Life Among The Savages

A more refined, more focused Papercuts than before.

Label: Memphis Industries


It’s almost fifteen years since Jason Quever first started working under the Papercuts moniker. He’s now delivered a new record every second or third year since the mid-00s, in-between working on friends’ projects and recording acts like Beach House. 

‘Life Among the Savages’ is the fifth official Papercuts record, the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Fading Parade’. On ‘Life Among the Savages’ we find a more refined, more focused Papercuts than before – with Quever’s hushed vocals floating over a backdrop of lush folk pop. It’s his finest sounding recording to date, taking its cues from the baroque pop of the 1960s while retaining a lot of the lo-fi charm that’s defined Papercuts in the past.

‘Life Among the Savages’ opens with its two decidedly most immediate songs, first single ‘Still Knocking at the Door’ and the title track, with the rest of the record being a showcase for Quever’s many strengths as a songwriter and composer. Working his way through American folk and pop, taking influence from country rock and lo-fi indie, Quever ends up with a kaleidoscope of different sounds and emotions – and manages to make every one his own.

While ‘Life Among the Savages’ lacks the absolute highs of Quever’s previous work, it also lacks any lows, except for possibly the abrupt ending which leaves you longing for more. It’s another testament to his place as one of the most underrated songwriters of the past ten years; an impressive achievement from an artist confident in himself and his sound, moving forward while staying true to himself and his past.