Pond - Beard, Wives, Denim

A modern psychedelic record.

Label: Modular Recordings

Rating: 7

‘Beard, Wives, Denim’ from Pond is a modern psychedelic record. This is a funny fact for two reasons. For one; when the kids of today think of psychedelic rock, they think of the kids of the past swinging their long hair about and so it seems like an art form of the past. Secondly, psychedelic rock can often be quite funny due to the ridiculous song and album titles, case in point: ‘Beard, Wives, Denim’. Pond have put together a reminder of the echoing, scatter-brain drumming trips of the good old days. Highlight ‘Sorry I Was Under The Sky’ is a perfect example of this album’s vibe with its enchanting looseness.

This is a record that doesn’t think too much and doesn’t expect the listener to think too much. If you do think too long and hard about what’s going on, you’ll end up coming up with unanswerable questions such as ‘what are they singing about?’ and ‘where is the structure?’. Instead, throw away your clothes and all your technology (apart from that of which you use to listen to music) and feel liberated by Pond’s carefree music-making.

Bands like Tame Impala brought back a lot of people’s affection for the psychedelic side of rock and now it’s Pond who will be serving as a reminder and setter-in-stoner for people’s psych-love. Which is funny because the internet claims that Pond contains members of Tame Impala; crazy! Not that it’s about labels such as ‘psychedelic’. It’s all about the music, man.