Thom Yorke posts vinyl picture, is definitely up to something

This could mean anything - a Radiohead record, a solo release, Atoms for Peace, or something completely different.

Thom Yorke has sent the internet into overdrive after posting a picture of a white vinyl disc, perched next to unmistakable Stanley Donwood artwork.

This means something’s on its way, but it could amount to anything: A new Radiohead LP, Atoms For Peace reworks, a solo album, or even something putting together the music on Radiohead’s ‘Polyfauna’ app.

The picture was subsequently placed on Tumblr by Nigel Godrich. Radiohead took a year off in total, and then were due to be back in the studio this September. Jonny Greenwood confirmed that he and Yorke had been exchanging ideas over email in the lead-up to ‘The King of Limbs’’ follow-up.

New Radiohead material emerged last month in the form of an update for the ‘Polyfauna’ app, although these are only scattered parts. Fans speculated that one of the songs aired was ‘Burn the Witch’, a Radiohead song dating back to the ‘90s that’s yet to be recorded. Several pokes at a screen and the odd tilt will spring the app into action, eventually revealing weird, cave-like imagery (created by Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood), plus the odd murky soundscape with Yorke featuring in the background. Previously, the soundtrack was reserved for material from ‘The King of Limbs’.

See the new image below.

​Thom Yorke posts vinyl picture, is definitely up to something
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