Battle Cry: Angel Haze shares new track ‘Impossible’

Angel Haze shares new track ‘Impossible’

The massive new single follows on from one off releases ‘Gxmes’ and ”Candlxs’ earlier this year.

Angel Haze has released a new track, ‘Impossible’. Airing for the first time on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show last night, the Tk Kayembe-produced single follows on from their one off releases ‘Gxmes’ and ‘Candlxs’ earlier this year. It could signal that the follow-up to 2013’s ‘Dirty Gold’ is on the way.

Update: Angel Haze tweeted that ‘Impossible’ will feature on a new EP, ‘Back To The Woods,’ out on Aug 31st.

Brilliantly unapologetic, Angel Haze sticks a finger up to white America, and boasts elsewhere “I’m a junky for fucking semantics,” and “fuckboy I’m wild as a buck in the rain”. They’ve never sounded more quick-smart, and powerful, and it’s a massive, massive, step-up. Kendrick Lamar comes mind as a point of comparison for Angel Haze’s verbal dexterity - that’s the kind of progression they’re making right here.

Angel Haze obviously sees this single as a landmark moment too, and they changed their twitter name to ‘JULY 28’ (today’s date). A video for ‘Impossible’ is expected later today.

Listen to ‘Impossible’ below.

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