Ooo! Dirty Projectors announce self-titled album

It’s out in just a few weeks!

It hardly takes Sherlock Holmes to suss out that Dirty Projectors are looking towards new album territory - their two ‘one-off’ (yeah, yeah, ok then - Ed) singles ‘Little Bubble’ and ‘Keep your Name’ showed a brand new aesthetic direction, and, what looks like Dave Longstreth all on his larry.

Finally, the next record from the Brooklyn oddballs has been announced. Their self-titled album is out 24th February, and according to the band’s twitter, it comes with a very nice, slightly dizzying wooden cover. Perhaps Frank Ocean’s doing commissions these days?

The tracklisting for their new self-titled album is as follows:

01 Keep Your Name
02 “Death Spiral
03 Up In Hudson
04 Work Together
05 Little Bubble
06 Winner Take Nothing
07 Ascent Through Clouds
08 Cool Your Heart
09 I See You

Along with lifting the lid on 'Dirty Projectors,' Dave and co. have also shared another new preview in the shape of 'Up In Hudson'. Have a listen below.


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