Like clockwork: So, it looks like that new Queens of the Stone Age album is finished

The band’s pal Dean Delray said it was done on his ‘Let There Be Talk‘ podcast.

Exciting news Queens of the Stone Age fans - it looks like Josh Homme and co. have finished the follow up to 2013’s ‘…Like Clockwork’.

The host of the ‘Let There Be Talk‘ podcast - actor and host Dean Delray - said as much while interviewing past QOTSA collaborator Mark Lanegan on the latest episode. “Did you sing on the new Queens at all or no?” he asked Lanegan, who replied. “I did not.”

“Have you heard it?” Delray continued. “I know they just finished, I’m dying to hear it.”

As Ultimate Guitar points out, several Queens of the Stone Age members have been on Delray’s podcast in the past, and he knows the band fairly well. In fact, the ‘Let There Be Talk’ podcast is where Josh Homme first revealed QOTSA were “locked-in” to record an album, back in January this year.

In other words, Dean Delray has probably got a bit of inside scoop, here. There you go then.