Album Review Nakhane - You Will Not Die

A multi-faceted and fascinating introduction.

Nakhane - You Will Not Die

Nakhane’s music is driven by defiance. Growing up gay in a strict Christian household in South Africa, ‘You Will Not Die’ screams of a release from pent-up feelings. They’re transmitted gorgeously, with hints of the regal majesty of Wild Beasts and the tenderness of Perfume Genius.

Lead single ‘Clairvoyant’ is a shiny, dancefloor-bound stomper, while highlight ‘Presbyteria’ circles around an earworm of a whispered vocal hook. Flitting between piano-based balladry and swells of intense electronics, ‘You Will Not Die’ is glued together by Nakhane’s delicate vocal. An album that values intensity and tenderness in equal measure, ‘You Will Not Die’ is a multi-faceted and fascinating introduction.


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