Listen Meadow Meadow offer up new song ‘Fireworks’

Meadow Meadow offer up new song ‘Fireworks’

Their self-titled debut EP is set to land later this year.

Made up of former Spring King members Peter Darlington and James Green, Meadow Meadow are sharing their new track ‘Fireworks’ alongside the news that their self-titled debut EP will be landing on 19th August.

Speaking about new song ‘Fireworks’, James explains, “With our music I feel that we’re creating a parallel universe where both of our experiences come together to form a new perspective or story. This began with ‘Fireworks’ as it was the first time that we both sang the lead vocal, which has since become an important element for us. It can be nice to write a set of lyrics and hear the other person singing them. It can offer insight and add a new dynamic to the intended message, bringing the words and the experience that lead to the words to life in a new way.”

Have a listen to the song and see the full EP track list below.

‘Meadow Meadow’ EP Tracklisting:
1. Bonzo
2. Fireworks
3. TwoTwo
4. Neberdine
5. Scar

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