Listen BENEE releases new single ‘Night Garden’

BENEE releases new single 'Night Garden'

Her latest track also features Kenny Beats and Bakar.

After blowing up all over the internet with viral smash ‘Supalonely’ featuring Gus Dapperton, New Zealand’s BENEE is sharing her brand new single ‘Night Garden’, featuring Kenny Beats and Bakar.

Recorded with Kenny Beats in his legendary LA studio The Cave, BENNE explains, “It was awesome working with him, he was so fast making the beat that it was also probably the fastest I have ever had to write a song ha ha!”

Speaking about Bakar, she adds that he “has the coolest voice, so I felt it would be sick to have him on it!”

The latest example of BENEE’s skill at crafting infectious pop bops, have a listen to ‘Night Garden’ below.

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3 back issues for £7

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