Watch Royal Blood unleash ‘Trouble’s Coming’ video

Royal Blood unleash 'Trouble's Coming' video

The duo cement their bold return with some equally bold visuals.

Following their return with new single ‘Trouble’s Coming’ last month, Royal Blood are now sharing the accompanying video, directed by Dir. LX.

The first taste of their forthcoming third album, the track follows up their 2017 record ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’, and sees the duo diving into funkier territory.

“We’ve truly made it just for ourselves - we love it, and if you don’t, that’s OK. It’s genuinely all I’ve been listening to at the minute!” Mike Kerr told us for our October 2020 issue. “You can hear that we’re liberated on this record; all the new influences on there, it’s stuff we’ve always loved but never allowed ourselves to pursue. I think you can actually hear the embryos of these songs in tracks like ‘Figure It Out’, but we just didn’t explore it enough. That’s why we self-produced this one; as soon as we knew which direction we wanted to go in, it seemed pointless to put anybody else in the way of it.”

The first glimpse of even more exciting things to come, check out the new vid below.

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