Album Review Claud - Super Monster

A burgeoning artist finding their own voice.

Claud - Super Monster

‘Super Monster’, both Claud’s debut and the first full-length release on Phoebe Bridgers’ recently-launched Saddest Factory label, is classy and well-executed. Their brand of slick, understated pop could sit on a shelf alongside Haim, or Christine and the Queens: opener ‘Overnight’ is a sweet, breezy ‘90s throwback that’s easy on the ear, while ‘This Town’ grows from grimier beginnings towards another big chorus. Elsewhere, scratching below the surface, Claud bites as much as they balm, don’t be fooled by their bubblegum delivery on the new-wave ‘That’s Mr Bitch To You’, a wonderfully catty riposte from a jilted lover. While there could be a little more individuality on show to elevate Claud to their contemporaries’ level, ‘Super Monster’ shows promise of a burgeoning artist finding their own voice.


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