Album Review FUR - When You Walk Away

FUR keep things very much in the same ballpark all the way through.

FUR - When You Walk Away

For a debut album, FUR’s ‘When You Walk Away’ does exactly what you’d expect from the band. Their well-worn, bubbly ‘00s melodies meet a kind of ‘60s fuzz that comes together to create a nostalgic cocktail, relentlessly cheerful and utterly infectious. They seem to soundtrack a world that’s entirely their own, subtly surreal but not too far removed from reality. The reeling atmosphere of ‘What I Am’ or the softly-shimmering reprise of ‘When You Walk Away’ balance out the classic rock tones, but it’s hard to pick out standout moments, FUR keeping things very much in the same ballpark all the way through. It’s almost too cohesive; what feels exciting and dynamic on early, sparky numbers like ‘The Fine Line of A Quiet Life’ and ‘She’s The Warmest Colour In My Mind’ feels just a tiny bit fatigued by the end. But maybe that’s what keeps ‘When You Walk Away’ feeling so mellow, despite the high energy levels.


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