Album Review Foxes - The Kick

Foxes’ return comes with a purpose.

Foxes - The Kick

It’s been five years since we had a Foxes album. In contrast to the Zoom collaborations that bore it, ‘The Kick’ is a celebration of everything that brings people together, in which is found a deep dive into the fun textures and irresistible melodies that fill up dance floors and incite communal singalongs. Hidden behind those sonics, however, are lyrics about heartbreak, loneliness and longing. The title track opens with the line “sometimes you break down,” but soothes with its sugar-rush chorus, telling of how music can heal with all evidence provided. ‘Growing On Me’ celebrates how sometimes it just takes one person to pull you back from the edge, flush with crunching bass and clipped drums. Towards the end of the record, things get a little more hopeful. ‘Forgive Yourself’ is a reflection on self-love, while ‘Sky Love’ borders on anthemic, complete with insistent bass. Foxes’ return comes with a purpose: ‘The Kick’ doesn’t try to run or distract from feelings of loss and loneliness, instead it faces them head-on while celebrating the joy of being with others through it all.


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