EP Review Folly Group - Human And Kind

It’s where they’ll look next that’s exciting, though.

Folly Group - Human And Kind

Such have been the fertile grounds of the UK’s post-punk devotees of the last few years, that around last summer’s ‘Awake And Hungry’, Folly Group could easily have been one of a handful of other acts, part of the steady line of angry young men taking over the country’s toilet venues one disgruntled mumble at a time. Thankfully, there’s enough on follow-up EP - and first release via their new home of Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour - to suggest this lot won’t be left behind in 2021 like a steadily warming pint at the back of Brixton Windmill. Of course, funk and disco have been bedfellows of post-punk since its inception, and ‘I Raise You (The Price Of Your Head)’ adopts a bassline of the former with the kind of twinkly synth Blondie would’ve made great use of with infectious results. Opener ‘Faint of Hearts’ has call-and-response vocals Alex Kapranos wouldn’t turn his nose up at, while the spacious title track sounds like Mike Skinner going stream-of-consciousness over Ultravox’s seminal ‘Vienna’. It’s where they’ll look next that’s exciting, though.


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