Album Review Cave In - Heavy Pendulum

A long-overdue homecoming.

Cave In - Heavy Pendulum

2019’s ‘Final Transmission’ felt like an abrupt (and understandable) coda to Cave In after the death of bassist Caleb Schofield. However, ‘Heavy Pendulum’ is an intrepid reincarnation, showcasing a focused and visceral evolution for the post-hardcore hawkers. There is fresh intricacy in Stephen Brodsky and Adam McGrath’s guitar duties, their symbiotic solos adorning the verses of ‘Floating Skulls’ and ‘Wavering Angel’ with the acuity of musicians who have played together for nearly two decades. At 71 captivating minutes, ‘Heavy Pendulum’ provides a touchstone, alongside new-wave, disruptive tracks that seek to tell tales of political turmoil, the ‘new reality’ of grief and posthumous brotherhood. A long-overdue homecoming.