Track By Track Jockstrap run us through their new remix EP ‘Lost My Key in the <3 Club <3’, track-by-track

The band’s new EP is out today (5th April).

Today, London weird-pop duo Jockstrap have shared their new EP ‘Lost My Key in the ❤️ Club ❤️’, a strangely wonderful remix of last year’s collection of tracks ‘Love Is the Key to the City’.

“Lost My Key in the ❤️ Club ❤️’ is the sister EP to ‘Love Is the Key to the City’,” the band’s Georgia Ellery explains. “With the material on the mini-album being quite musically dense and organised, the second version is relaxed: Taylor has teased out another side to the tracks and taken them where they want to go. It’s definitely more than a remix EP.”

The pair - completed by other band member Taylor Skye (who also releases music as a solo artist) - met at Guildhall music school in 2017, where Georgia studies jazz and Taylor studies electronic music and they’ve been making eclectic songs that don’t quite sound like either genre ever since.

Listen to the new EP and read the band’s Track By Track below.


Taylor: The idea behind these remixes was to make versions of the songs that were ridiculous, instinctive and banging. I made each track in a day and didn’t change anything after apart from the mixing and mastering. It was the complete opposite process to the way me and Georgia made the original tracks. It was also done completely home-grown style - the tunes were produced, mixed and mastered on my tiny speakers in my room.

Georgia: Whilst Taylor made the tracks, I made the music videos. The same sort of principle applied: I did each in a day, with the equipment I had, and I dragged in friends that were available and up for some silliness. I had to match Taylor’s creativeness with the visuals.


Taylor: This one was calling for a euphoric dance version. When me and Georgia were working on the original we spent so much time working on tiny details it felt right to go the complete opposite way and be as bombastic as possible with the remix. As soon as I got the piano loop together the track wrote itself.

Georgia: I played this track to my friend Theo and he said it sounded like a Zumba song, so I ripped some Zumba sessions from youtube and matched the BPMs. My favourite bit is when the sidechain compression kicks in and the ladies start pumping it. The original stimulus for ‘Charlotte’ gets a cameo too.

I Want Another Affair

Taylor: This one was the first one I did and it kind of all just came together without me realising. I’d built the whole track and then just thought “you know what, I’m gonna be crazy” and added this rap section at the end. Initially it featured my boys Tyler the Creator and Freddie Gibbs but then I ended up getting a mate to come round and he just smashed it on his first take. This one bangs live too.

Georgia: My favourite. Blurred Lines meets night out in Dalston Superstore. Me and Alex love the Negroni they serve in Superstore (Alex is the boy in the video). My other house mate Ollie Marshall filmed the video and I edited it. We shot it in a pilates studio wearing selected Alex Mullins SS19. The budget for the video was only £14 (taxi there and back)! Plus the mirror we broke… Right now I’m well into emojis, and really good pop videos (7 Rings). I guess we were trying to emulate a good pop video.


Taylor: For this one I wanted to see how much I could make out of just using one vocal sample from the original. It ended up being quite dark. It was nice to play around with Georgia’s soft spoken vocals and my killer, annihilating 808s. It created something quiet… outlandish.

Georgia: This is made from ripped footage from the original BBC documentary. In it I’ve tried to document Hayley and Louis’ relationship in the same way I did in the original song: laughter, blatant chemistry, sexual tension, awkwardness, playfulness. And then in the last 45 seconds, a commentary on the very real vocation of prosecution, away from the dizzying intimacy and friendship Louis possibly fantasised.


Taylor: This was the last one I finished up. I guess I always thought Joy had this afro-beat, salsa-style side to it that we just hadn’t explored… This is the one where I tried to get the most conflicting sounds (hard-core norm-core software instrument guitars, ridiculous distortion and luscious flute driven ambience) and make them all work together.

Georgia: Over winter I’ve used sun beds to make me feel happier. Taylor’s remix of ‘Joy’, an already ‘warm’ song, is totally tropical. My friend Charlotte suggested I filmed it in a sun bed, so I did. It was really awkward: my bikini was broken, the eye goggle things didn’t have any elasticated string, I only had 10 minutes on the clock. But I rolled with it. I also found some footage thee ‘Havana babies, inner-city maybes’. Summer I’m ready for you!

‘Lost My Key in the <3 Club <3’ is out now via Kaya Kaya Records.

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