Theme Park return with strutting ‘Something Good’ single

London trio are in the studio with Fryars recording LP2.

Theme Park’s gleaming, hip-shifting pop hasn’t been away for long, but the London trio are already readying plans to release their second album this year, the follow-up to a 2013 self-titled debut.

Returning with their new ‘Something Good’ (and a move-busting video to boot - seriously, look out for Oscar’s swag), the trio step things up a notch. Recorded with Fryars, the track gives nods to Jungle and Jai Paul’s guitar wizardry and it’s all backed by propulsive a house pulse. “We can do whatever they like,” goes the carefree chorus, freedom defining their every step.

DIY caught up with Miles Haughton to discuss new material and why the trio wanted to move on from their debut sooner rather than later.

Check out DIY’s exclusive Theme Park interview below a premiere of ‘Something Good’.

How’s the new material going and how’s it shaping up in comparison to the debut?

I loved the first album dearly, but it’s like, I felt we had something more, something more of ourselves we could put in. And I think we’re achieving that and so I think it’s going to be really great. There’s this quote by Rick Rubin “it’s a highbrow - lowbrow game, middle brows beware”. Whenever I’m writing and I have a decision to make I refer back to that. The crime is to get stuck in the middle.

What’s working with Fryars like? Is he trying to make you write a whole album of Beyonce covers?

You go through these stages when you’re making something of thinking it’s the greatest thing in the world and then not knowing what you’re doing! And I think Ben’s very good at seeing through those ups and downs and just being like, “this is cool, lets do it. Lets make it a smash”. There’s one bit where I do a kind of rap. And in my head I was like this could be great, but I think even with most producers I wouldn’t even have felt confident suggesting it. So it’s that kind of environment.

We work in the same room we did when we were like 13 in a band together, and that’s good as it reminds you you can make whatever you want musically. If it feels like it will be fun, then you should try it.

What else have you been up to in-between albums? How did you end up playing as part of Lily Allen’s band?

She needed some people to help her out at Latitude, and we were gonna be there, as we always go even if we’re not playing. What was great about working with lily was that she didn’t seem to give a fuck what anyone thought! She was just like, ‘I wanna do this and this is the way it’s gonna go’, and for someone who is very scared of everyone, that was very important and inspiring to see.

Where did you get your dancing shoes for the new track’s video? Who would win in a dance-off?

Oh my! I mean, there’s great dancers and then there’s Oski. I really think he could have been a dancer. He’s so elastic. He’s a very modest guy so he’ll always shrug it off, but even the shrug will be a thing of real balletic beauty.

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