Unfinished Drawings - Unfinished Drawings

Delicate and brooding, brimming with youthful cares.

Sam Duckworth

must have known what he was doing when he left a breadcrumb trail way for young acoustic musicians to greedily follow behind, arriving as he did at an admirable union betwixt the stripped back soloist and his laptop. With a far less ridiculous name, and a grasp of the fact that the only limitations here should be your imagination, Unfinished Drawings have crafted a selection of tracks delicate and brooding, simultaneously brimming with youthful cares.

Take ‘Nobody Knows It’, which filled with its earnest yearnings of the heart, could tap on the Busted door of sentiment, were it not for a tricky simmering drum track. This is washed with cooing held notes and opines it’s own sense of drama with regards to the acoustic guitar; minimal in this case. There is some finger picking, but it ultimately becomes about the warmth of the bass notes and the breathy vocals.

In the boundless world of electronic glitches and computer generated noise, ‘Verdana’ sits slightly more sporadic in its influences, where ‘Eloquently Forced’ and ‘Dreaming’ showed clear signs of Incubus-adoration, their wordiness invokes a different kind of pleasure. For ‘Verdana’ though, they let their six-string take a back seat to the rapid fire snare of Radiohead circa ‘Kid A’’s slipstreams of musical toying. It stands out as the least cohesive track, and with it perhaps the most compelling listen.

Drifting somewhat in the final stage, Unfinished Drawings opt to conclude with a wholly balladeering number: ‘Mistakes, Not Amends’. Purely from the title you can envisage the blend of Timberlake vocals, backed up – well, by himself – it certainly acts to prove the guys can tweet like tree dwellers. The beat freak-out that makes up the latter flurry steers them back to wonderland. As lovely as the lyrics are, it would be nice to feel a bit more bite at the end of this nugget, instead of the positively deep, altogether damp, finale.

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