EP Review LightGuides - Samba Samba Samba

There is no question that LightGuides know exactly what they’re doing.

Passion and drive are essential ingredients in most kinds of music, and the Scottish scene has been absolutely full of it for a number of years now. We’ve lost count of the number of great bands to come from there in recent years, and we can add another one to the ever-swelling ranks of Scottish musical prowess. Pop-rock types LightGuides have been doing their thing for a while; they were previously known as We Hung Your Leader, and reference their old moniker in the title of ‘W.H.Y.L.’

The epic closing song may have been around longer than the rest of the material on ‘Samba Samba Samba’, but it slots in perfectly at the end of this seven-track collection. The record starts in the same manner in which it finishes, racing out of the traps with ‘WarHorse’, a song which wastes no time at all in proving that the band have moved up a gear or three since previous mini-album ‘Past & Present’ last year. The song structures have become more intricate, the hooks more infectious. Their sense of ambition recalls Twin Atlantic at times, a prime example being lead single ‘Old Bucket Seats’; at others, their ability to keep tossing out impressive hooks is reminiscent of more recent Biffy Clyro material.

While the band don’t have a full-length album under their belts yet, we think that mini-albums suit them quite well. For one thing, there is absolutely no room for filler on a seven-song record - not that this band would have any problem with quality control anyway. When they have one of the songs of the year in their arsenal (the jaw-droppingly powerful ‘The Arts Factory’), there is no question that they know exactly what they’re doing. While the inspiration behind the album title remains a mystery, the inspiration that LightGuides have tapped into is audible absolutely everywhere on the record. Seven songs don’t seem enough - but no doubt there is much more where this came from.


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