Watch: Ibeyi share new video for ‘Stranger / Lover’

Ibeyi share new video for ‘Stranger / Lover’

Hands with no visible owners grab and tousle the Diaz twins in the stark new visual.

Ibeyi’s visuals are often as affecting as their spine-tingling, meshed together harmonies. Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz quite rightly grabbed attention with ‘River’. Held underwater by anonymous arms, it’s a haunting piece of film.

Disembodied arms crop up again in the twin’s new video for ‘Stranger / Lover’; this time grabbing at their faces, tousling their hair, and hovering behind them like shadow puppet shaped wings. It a starkly effective accompaniment for a song that deals with navigating a complex relationship.

Watch Ibeyi’s new video for ‘Stranger / Lover’ below.

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