Album Review: The Neighbourhood - Wiped Out!

The Neighbourhood - Wiped Out!

‘Wiped Out!’ delivers a message of heartbreak, hope and heartfelt honesty.


It’s easy to make assumptions that The Neighbourhood are your average-Joe pop rock band from LA, but that’s far from the case. It’s not been an easy ride for the five-piece over the past couple of years since their debut ‘I Love You’ in 2013 - having had an amazing reception for second single ‘Sweater Weather’, the boys have had a lot to live up to with their sophomore album.

Slow built-up melodies are in abundance on the album, with ‘The Beach’ and lead single ‘R.I.P. 2 My Youth’ creating a meandering feel of leaving teenage life behind. Meanwhile, the honest and staccato-filled ‘Prey’ and the sombre yet loved-up ‘Cry Baby’ balance out the tone. Offbeat bass lines and catchy hooks makes ‘Ferrari’ the tune for your everyday needs, with ‘Single’ being the go-to song for those pesky relationship complications. Overall ‘Wiped Out!’ is perfect for chilled out evenings, ahead of painting the town red.

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It’s not just simplicity that makes The Neighbourhood stand out in a scene where so many bands nowadays just go through the motions; they’re also perfecting the art of merging genres. ‘Wiped Out!’ is a fine wine in a sea of vodka Red Bulls, and having successfully mixed pop, rock and hip-hop together, it seems like they have finally defined their sound as a band.

Whilst the group continues to evolve and grow in a world so hectic, ‘Wiped Out!’ delivers a message of heartbreak, hope and heartfelt honesty.

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