Jäger Curtain Call Bellevue Days unveil new track ‘Manic March’

Bellevue Days unveil new track ‘Manic March’

The band recorded their new offering at Curtain Road’s Strongroom Studio as part of Jäger Curtain Call.

Later this week, Croydon four-piece Bellevue Days will be capping off their experience as part of the Jäger Curtain Call by taking to the stage at Curtain Road’s Queen of Hoxton. 

Through Jäger Curtain Call - our endeavour with Jägermeister aiming to help bands on their road to success - the group have had the opportunity to spend the day in a studio, record a track and play a show, all on the same stretch of iconic East London road. 

And now, ahead of their performance with Menace Beach later this week, the band have offered up the new track that they spent the day working on in Strongroom Studio. Titled ‘Manic March’ and littered with anthemic noisiness, you can hear it below.

“I wrote the verse about a year ago and it never really found its place into a song,” the band’s Alan Smith revealed, of the track’s origins. “Then after finding out about this recording we thought, ‘fuck it, let’s try and make this an actual song’. It’s about a rather heavy weekend I had a while back,” he remembers. “I ended up in bed for a week - it was insane,” he laughs, “I don’t want to get into it too much!”

That’s not all - the band are going to be debuting it live for the first time this Wednesday (5th October) when they play. “We’re looking forward to playing the track live for sure,” he says. “It’s always a bit nerve-racking playing new tunes too people, but that’s what it’s all about! We’re well excited for the show.”

Hear ‘Manic March’ below. Buy tickets for Bellevue Days and Menace Beach at the Queen of Hoxton from Ticketweb now.

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That’s not all: the band have also had a hand in curating their very own Jägermeister-based cocktail, which will be available on the evening of the show. Check out the details of their aptly-named Bellevue Sour below.

Bellevue Days unveil new track ‘Manic March’

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