Have You Heard? Methyl Ethel - Ubu

Methyl Ethel - Ubu

Someone find us a goddamn dancefloor immediately

While fellow countrymen Tame Impala may opt for the hazier, more blissed out side of the pop spectrum, Perth pals Methyl Ethel are aiming their sights firmly on the dance floor.

New track ‘Ubu’ - influenced by risqué, revolutionary 1896 surrealist play called Ubu Roi - is a case in point. Though quite obviously an exercise in pretty outré ideas (we did mention it’s inspired by a weird theatre piece from 120 years ago, right?), it manages to channel them into the kind of shimmering disco nugget that’s part wonky Dutch Uncles smarts and part soulful 70s swagger - all held together by frontman Jake Webb’s falsetto croon.

Yet, despite Methyl Ethel’s clear ability to incite some toe-tapping of a serious degree, you get the feeling that while the other kids were at prom, this lot were probably happier holed up in their rooms with a record player and some low key hallucinogenics. 

‘Ubu’ is outsider pop of the highest calibre. 

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