Future proof: Torres has announced new album ‘Three Futures’

Torres has announced new album ‘Three Futures’

She’s also shared the (kinda NSFW) video for the title track!

A few weeks back, Torres unveiled ‘Skim’, her first new music since her ace album ‘Sprinter’, and now she’s revealed details of her new album – hurrah!

Mackenzie Scott’s new LP ‘Three Futures’ will be out later this year on 4AD, and she’s also shared the title track. Like ‘Skim’, its video has been shot by Ashley Connor and in it Mackenzie plays a guitar-wielding visitor who disrupts the life of a cowboy and his wife. The twist is, Mackenzie also plays both the housewife and the cowboy (which probably symbolises the ‘Three Futures’ of the title) and it looks a bit like its set in exactly the same house as the ‘Skim’ video. Mysterious.

It’s all pretty languid and calm for a while, but then ends with a kind of NSFW scene, made more surreal by the fact that Torres plays all the characters. It’s beautifully surreal, a bit like a David Lynch movie.

Watch the video for ‘Three Futures’ below.

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