Album Review Indoor Pets - Be Content

Indoor Pets - Be Content

Primed to take on the indie-pop world.


Indoor Pets’ album has been some time coming. Opener ‘Hi’ reaches dizzying heights as spaced-out guitars and harmonies overwhelm the vocals, making for a head-rush of a chorus to complement the verses. The band have cherry-picked the best of their past releases here, which proves to be a smart move; shiny new versions of ‘Pro Procrastinator’, ‘Teriyaki’ and ‘Barbiturates’ slot in nicely alongside their younger brothers and sisters.

New number ‘Good Enough’ sees them venturing into love song territory. It suits them well, vocalist Jamie Glass putting sincere and endearing lyrics about relationship anxiety to a melody that makes your stomach drop. Elsewhere on the record, ‘The Mapping of Dandruff’ shows off a quieter side, demonstrating that they can also bring their pop sensibilities to a slow-burner.

Indoor Pets are primed to take on the indie-pop world with a treasure-chest of bangers - make sure you’re along for the ride.