Rolo Tomassi Unveil New Track Old Mystics’, Announce New Members

‘Old Mystics’ is the first track to come from their forthcoming third album.

Rolo Tomassi have unveiled their brand new track ‘Old Mystics’.

To listen to the new track from the Sheffield band, simply head to their Facebook page and click ‘Like’.

The band have also announced that they have two brand new members, after the departure of previous members Joseph Thorpe and Joe Nicholson. The band have welcomed both Chris Cayford and Nathan Fairweather - who play No Coast and Brontide, respectively - as their new members.

‘Old Mystics’ will be released as a 7’ single, backed with b-side ‘Mesmerizer’, and is the first to be recorded with new members Cayford and Fairweather. The track is the first to come from their forthcoming third studio album was was recorded with Hysterics producer Jason Sanderson.

The single will be physically released on 26th March, but pre-ordering ensures that you will receive both tracks as MP3s immediately.

‘Old Mystics’ is released via Destination Moon Records.