Album Review Bat For Lashes - The Bride

Both achingly sad and strangely uplifting, Bat For Lashes’ tragic honeymoon concept album arrives fully-formed.

Bat For Lashes - The Bride

Though no-one really expected uncomplicated happiness from Bat for Lashes’ new concept album ‘The Bride’, surely few expected something as achingly sad as this. ‘The Bride’ tells the story of a woman whose fiancé dies in a car crash on their way to their wedding. Overcome with grief, she leaves the church and goes on their honeymoon alone.

There’s a resistance of of clichés on this record, and Khan gives a freshness and a sincerity to her otherwise ethereal music. She relies on a sense of minimalism, creating a sense of build that’s never quite reached. The sense of potential that’s left unresolved creates a beautiful, constantly engaging sound, and it feels perfect for the sense of sorrow and longing.

An underlying lowness persists, but the songs that bring you to tears aren’t necessarily the mournful ones. Opener ‘I Do’ feels especially sad, as Khan’s bride doesn’t know what the listener knows. Richer then than even the sum of its parts, ‘The Bride’ is a beautiful, complex and often harrowing listening experience.


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