They got twoooo versions: Partybaby’s new ‘Versions’ EP is out today!

Partybaby's new 'Versions' EP is out today!

The revamped take on the Cali bunch’s ‘The Golden Age Of Bullshit’ debut also features a brand new song, ‘Hey You (Loser)’.

Capping off a massive year, Partybaby have today released ‘Versions’, a revamped take on their ace ‘The Golden Age Of Bullshit’ debut.

Led by ‘Don’t Say It (Bedroom)’ - a pensive, haunting new take on the anthemic centre point to said debut - it finds riotous first single ‘Everything’s Alright’ taken down a spooky M. Night Shymalan-influenced path. Elsewhere, ‘Your Old Man’ becomes a twinkling celebration rather than an all-out smash-fest, and ‘Overload’ is updated to reflect the frankly fucked up times we’re in. Excitingly, there’s also ‘Hey You (Loser)’ - a brand new, previously unheard track.

The release follows a huge tour alongside VANT (we caught the London show, fyi) and a bunch of UK headliners. Catch up with the DIY interview with Partybaby from earlier this year, and stream ‘Versions’ in full below.

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