Have You Heard? The Orielles - I Only Bought It For The Bottle

The second track from the recent Heavenly Records signings delivers deadpan jangles with infectious aplomb.

Halifax trio The Orielles’ debut offering - recent single ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ - introduced the band as an impressively individual bunch. Snaking and twisting its way across eight-and-a-half minutes, with unexpected turns at every corner, it was a bold and confident opening statement from a group boasting only one member out of their teens.

Now the group are back with their second single on Heavenly Records, and this time they’ve gone straight for the jugular.

Deliciously nonchalant in sentiment, yet utterly coated in infectiously giddy hooks, ‘I Only Bought It For The Bottle’ is as direct as its predecessor was diverse. It’s pop music, but in the Josef K, off-kilter jangle type of way. Which is obviously excellent.

They play London’s The Finsbury on Friday before setting off on a full summer of festival gallivanting.

Listen below.

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