Listen Black Honey unleash new track ‘Run For Cover’

Black Honey unleash new track ‘Run For Cover’

A new “vagina rock” anthem that’ll make you want to dump your boyfriend.

After returning with ‘Beaches’ back in July, Black Honey are back with their latest banger, introducing their new genre of self-proclaimed “vagina rock”.

Sharing new track ‘Run For Cover’, Izzy B. Phillips explains, “’Run For Cover’ is about the nuances in sex. It’s fun but on a bit of a knife edge of risk and weird. Sex can be clumsy, emotional and complex. There’s so much baggage that it comes with. We wrote the song from a man’s perspective. It felt empowering to flip it to the female gaze. I think I’m exploring both power and my weakness in equal measure. We wanted it to sound manic – like Hives meets John Travolta, hips swinging. I love this song. I hope it makes women find themselves and dump their boyfriends.”

Speaking to us for our September 2020 issue about their forthcoming new record, the follow up to their 2018 self-titled debut, Izzy teased, “It feels like what we’ve made is Black Honey on steroids. In the time that we made it, we couldn’t have done anything else, and reflecting back on it, absolutely no one could have made this apart from us. If no one likes it and if it bombs, we don’t give a shit, because we really love it and we’ve really enjoyed making it. I really believe in it. It’s exciting.”

Listen to ‘Run For Cover’ below.

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