Album Review SG Lewis - times

A certain unity and heart holds ‘times’ together.

SG Lewis - times

Sonic polymath SG Lewis crowns a run of singles and EP releases with the dance-pop-cresting ‘times’, teaming up with a host of big-hitting names on an odyssey into all-out ‘70s-struck splendour. Joining previous guest collaborators T.E.E.D and Clairo, Rhye makes an early appearance in guiding the laser synth-blasting ‘Feed The Fire’, disco-dripping flair doubled down on via the Nile Rodgers-featuring ‘One More’, the Chic icon wielding his usual flawless, funk-flecked finesse to the max. ‘Impact’ finds Robyn and Channel Tres lending their input to a mind-melting electro-beat toting affair, a natural fit for the former’s distinct vocals; while Roosevelt-esque ‘Chemicals’ charts a hyperspace-hopping jaunt, one that SG Lewis neatly commands in his own right. A certain unity and heart holds ‘times’ together, sleekly striding between house, chillwave and morphing electronic tiers; unapologetic in its dayglo-daubed invite to dance away doom. The in-demand singer-songwriter-producer primes himself for new heights here - tapping into the hedonistic spirit of Studio 54, while applying a gloss that is very much of today.


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