Album Review dodie - Build A Problem

dodie - Build A Problem

Woven with cautionary tales, witty one-liners and a painful level of self-awareness.


Charming, tender and admirably vulnerable, ‘Build A Problem’ is a profoundly freeing reflection on the struggles of youth, growth and identity. Although the debut certainly taps into dodie’s darkest, most-inner thoughts, the folk-inspired artist scatters light and hope through stirring strings and candid songwriting, making even the gloomiest of her thoughts both accessible and relatable. Enchanting harmonies and unpredictable arrangements meet solemn lyricism while dodie frames a vivid description of her life thus far, opening up her world to be scrutinised and explored. Single ‘Cool Girl’ is warm and light, plucked with sincerity and fringed with adolescence compared to the likes of ‘?’, ‘Four Tequilas Down’ and ‘.’ which seamlessly flow into each other so quickly they signal a resistance to dwelling and the urge to overshare. Yet it’s these haunting glimmers that ring the loudest as you find yourself questioning your own poor decisions. Woven with cautionary tales, witty one-liners and a painful level of self-awareness, once dodie has finished “building a problem” she can start to build a home.

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