Listen Baby Queen releases new single ‘You Shaped Hole’

Baby Queen releases new single 'You Shaped Hole'
Photo: Clark Franklyn

Lifted from her forthcoming mixtape, ‘The Yearbook’.

With her eagerly awaited new mixtape ‘The Yearbook’ arriving on 3rd September, Baby Queen is giving us the latest taste of what to expect with new single ‘You Shaped Hole’.

“I was super heartbroken when I wrote this song, and my ex was dating this beautiful supermodel after dumping me in Clissold Park in North East London,” she explains. “I went through a bit of a wild phase, as one does, and was doing everything I could possibly do to feel better. At the time I had this image in my mind of a hole inside my body that was shaped exactly like my ex, and it was as if I was trying to fill that hole in any way I could, but the things I was filling it with never reached the corners or made me feel any better, they just cluttered my life.”

Check out the track below, and revisit our Class of 2021 interview with Bella now!

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