EP Review Priya Ragu - damnshestamil

Priya Ragu - damnshestamil

A kaleidoscopic mixtape.


Blending elements of Tamil folk music, hip hop, R&B and pop, Priya Ragu’s self-described ‘Ragu Wavy’ sound is instantly recognisable. This unique approach to making music is laced throughout ‘damnshestamil’, a kaleidoscopic mixtape. Triumphant singles signified what to expect early on, such as the infectiously joyous ‘Chicken Lemon Rice’. A new must-listen is the earworm ‘Lighthouse’, where a poppy chorus meets traditional instrumentation as Priya sings, “And if it’s dark outside baby / Your love is in the lighthouse.” The song then closes with her calling out “Edukondala Vada Venkataramana Govinda Govinda,” referencing an image of the Hindu god Vishnu. Created with her brother and long-time collaborator Japhna Gold, the 10-song collection glides between genres without any sense of disjointedness. It’s this effortless mixing of cultures, textures and styles that make Priya an exciting and unstoppable force.

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