EP Review Porij - Baby Face

‘Baby Face’ it might be, but Porij aren’t playing around.

Porij - Baby Face

There’s a lightness of touch to Manchester quartet Porij’s latest EP - the follow up to last year’s ‘Breakfast’ - that feels like the work of a band in complete control. Five tracks that dance between the lines of Everything Everything-esque alternative experimentalism and something altogether more indebted to the club, ‘Baby Face’ isn’t just exciting, it’s audibly excited: music made by people clearly having a hoot doing it, that shows all across the bloopy rave of ‘Can’t Stop’ or the airy falsetto and giddy synth of ‘Divine’. Though singer Eggy’s vocals are tentative at times, the opening bars of ‘Nobody Scared’ embracing them in a gentle calypso, the Foals-like mathy guitars of ‘Ego’ acting as a bolder foil, you can already hear the hallmarks of a distinctive sound all there. ‘Baby Face’ it might be, but Porij aren’t playing around.


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