Album Review Deap Vally - Marriage

The sound of Deap Vally tapping back into what makes them tick.

Deap Vally - Marriage

Deap Vally have never lacked swagger. Their riff-heavy combo has always seen them packing unending amounts of attitude, but on ‘Marriage’, it’s immediately evident that they’re striking out to a magnitude unreached so far. The springboard of Lindsay Troy and Julie Edwards’ characteristic style - fuzzy rock with stormy hooks - means that they were never going to not sound self-assured. But the strength of ‘Marriage’ is where the pair deviate from their blueprint, still churning out meaty riffs and belting choruses, but with a bit more fun. ‘I Like Crime’, tongue-in-cheek title aside, is one of the duo’s most carefree cuts to date thanks to some smart synth work. ‘I’m The Master’ is fittingly confident, and is one of the most classic Deap Vally sonic concoctions, but their newfound musical liberation soaks it with fresh power. ‘Marriage’ is the sound of Deap Vally tapping back into what makes them tick, and lays the groundwork for their most exciting era yet.


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