Reviews Bastille - Bad Blood

A track that soars and glides, dips and swoops.

Hailing from South London and comprising of four members, Bastille have been growing taller and wider since their fairly humble beginnings, where up until last year only one member, singer-songwriter Dan Smith, was at the helm. But since then they have expanded both as a band, but also as a new wave of fresh music that has been splashing the shores of the UK’s sound ship.

Their latest release comes in the form of ‘Bad Blood’, a track that soars and glides, dips and swoops, a real musical treat. It has a sound that digs up bands such as White Lies, a dark and brooding track that demands more in depth thought into the lyrics and meaning. The song holds good pace but feels slightly hollow in some areas, making you want more than you’re given, and doesn’t feel as meaty as their previous releases.

It’s hard to say where Bastille fit into the vast music genres of today, indie, pop perhaps, but does it really matter and why should it? They are a band that holds great talent and potential that I feel has yet to be fully unearthed and exposed to us. ‘Bad Blood’ is a taster of what’s to come, a sort of warning if you will of what is about to be unleashed into our music charts, but hold on tight boys and girls, I feel it might just be a bumpy ride.


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