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Errors - Lease of Life

A record packed full of ambition and imagination.

Errors - Lease of Life

Considering that they still struggle with which notes lie where on a keyboard, Errors have been able to produce an array of seriously accomplished sounds over a string of releases. Whether making post-rock that’s been chucked through a club, or more enveloping electro warmers, Errors have always favoured progression. On ‘Lease Of Life’ things are no different, and the exploration of this new territory is best summed up by considering that Errors are a band that have gone from supporting Mogwai and 65daysofstatic in their earlier years, to opening up for Chvrches in 2014.

It’s certainly their most accessible record to date, flirting with the electro-pop aesthetic at times, but offering a whole lot more depth through its consuming progressions and sweeping atmospherics. Whilst maintaining some frantic interjections, on the whole it’s a gorgeously fluid piece of work; free flowing, expansive and luscious. Whilst it feels on the whole to be a more spacious record than they’ve previously put their name to, Errors aren’t moping around. Whether it’s the clap of drum pads or exotic hand percussion thrown in to their synth heavy recipe, these sounds aren’t standing still for very long.

The laser sharp title track shows Errors at their most uplifting; an all-encompassing, blip-laden whirlpool that’ll have you setting out plans for your own accompanying light show as you listen. Their electro-pop credentials are pointed to with the playful synths on the opening of ‘Genuflection’ – ones that could almost be confused for Pet Shop Boys. As the feathered, spacey vocals signal the introduction of a host of new elements though, it’s not long before Neil Tennant is banished from the mind and you’re left something rich and textured coursing through you. Brief subsidies allow seconds to take stock before everything is launched back in to view, taking everything in its way along in a rush of pure euphoria.

On ‘Slow Rotor’ and ‘Dull Care’ it’s a more subdued, emotive affair, with fresh perspectives brought to play through the inclusion of guest vocals. Previous full-length ‘Have Some Faith In Magic’ might have brought a greater onus upon the use of vocals, but it’s been taken to a new dimension here. Steev Livingstone’s voice, whether teetering mystically on the edge or in full view, signifies the ever-expanding nature of their sound, but with Cecilia Stamp and Bek Oliva playing more central, focussed roles, Errors have worked the vocals game very intelligently indeed to find the combinations that fit.

Instantly striking, this is a record packed full of ambition and imagination from the get go and sets off uncovering new ideas around each new corner. ‘Lease Of Life’ feels like somewhat of a journey, one that unmasks new landscapes as it unfolds before looking back over a rich tapestry of sounds that are as accessible as they are impressive. It’s ambition that’s realised in every form that it takes, offering enough distinctive moments of euphoria to win you over first time round, and enough in each new listen to have you coming back for more.

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