Watch: Mitski shares ridiculously gory ‘Happy’ video

Mitski shares ridiculously gory ‘Happy’ video

A tale of broken, tragic domesticity takes one hell of a turn.

There’s a striking shock factor on Mitski’s new album, ‘Puberty 2’. Whether it’s a heart-stopping lyric or the thunderous guitars on ‘Your Best American Girl’, the record’s best moments are designed to provoke.

This ethos gets taken to an extreme on a new Maegan Houang-directed video for ‘Happy’. Initially, this looks like being a tragic tale of ‘50s housewife being betrayed by a wandering husband. But there’s a twist. And if there’s one direct comparison to make, it’d be with the end of SNL’s recent ‘Farewell Mr. Bunting’ skit

Prepare for gore and prepare to be shocked. It’s amazing.

Mitski’s new album ‘Puberty 2’ is out 17th June via Dead Oceans

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