Album Review: Beaty Heart - Till the Tomb

Beaty Heart - Till the Tomb

Peckham electro-poppers Beaty Heart’s second album fizzes more than a can of shaken lemonade.


Take a seat. Buckle yourself in. Hold on tight. You’re about to embark on a sugar rush trip. ‘Till The Tomb’, the second album from Peckham’s electro-poppers, Beaty Heart, fizzes more than a can of shaken lemonade.

Having seemingly penned an intimate love letter to a current flame, the trio mimic the fast moving honeymoon period. Opening with melodic ‘Flora’, they pay homage to Brazilian jazz singer, Flora Purin. Weaving in a sample from ‘Bad Bad Boys’, there’s a level of sass for good measure.

With a slight swagger in frontman Josh Mitchell’s vocals, Beaty Heart can’t be placed exactly geographically. Whether it’s a tribal beat, a bluesy undertone, or a carnival groove; the trio aren’t caged to their South-East London roots. Album closer ‘Death Metal’ is a faraway adventure in itself. 

Full-bodied production is at the heart, though takes nothing away from the more laid back moments. Slick ‘Glazed’ croons like a postmodern lullaby, where there are promises that we “can listen to Drake” and go to a sauna. As things get steamier, Beaty Heart dive under the sheets. Triangle waves and zapping electronics lift the slow burning title track, as liquorice vocals pour soul “I’ll hold on till the tomb / holding, holding on to you.”

Saying that, the quirky Londoners haven’t completely nailed the smooth act. With good intentions they lush “you can be heated like yesterday’s lunch”, as bouncy ‘Good Bunch’ proves that romance isn’t dead.

A step up from their two year old debut, ‘Till The Tomb’ is a fresh journal of euphoric memories. With a knack for a killer pop hook and a jawbreaker of a chorus, the only person who wouldn’t enjoy the summertime rush would be a dentist.

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