Album Review Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark?

Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark?

One hell of a beast.


Fresh from bagging BRITs and walking red carpets across the world, it’s safe to say that, thanks to their debut album, Royal Blood found themselves in places they’d never have imagined. And while it’d be easy to half-expect that the Worthing duo to have developed a taste for the finer life, it seems that no amount of high profile parties was going to get in the way of the band creating a deliciously dark second album.

Much like its self-titled predecessor, ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ is one hell of a beast; but while their first outing had as much subtlety as a whack around the face, this time they’ve born a more considered - but sinister - creature. ‘I Only Lie When I Love You’ is a snotty swagger of a track, while ‘Hook, Line & Sinker’ thrashes into life. But it’s the record’s title number that’s truly humongous – all layered vocals and dominating guitars - providing the perfect introduction to an album that will undoubtedly see Royal Blood going stratospheric. 

In the studio with Mystery Jets

In the studio with Mystery Jets

We catch up with the band in their characteristically bizarre new digs as they round off the final touches to the “hard-hitting” follow-up to ‘Curve of the Earth’.