EP Review Suzi Wu - Error 404

Suzi Wu - Error 404

Wondering what 2019 sounds like? This might just be it.


A lot can happen in two years. The last we heard from Suzi Wu was 2017’s ‘Teenage Witch’ EP, an accomplished introduction but one that had potential to sharpen its own edges. Fast forward to 2019, and her brand of occult pop has flourished into something quite special indeed. Despite working with Mike Dean (Beyoncé, Travis Scott), her low register, urbanite tone rings out over the US-influenced production, dripping with macabre, Tumblr-punk influences.

‘Grim Reaper’ is the perfect encapsulation of this, a sing-song close declaring “he doesn’t know me” in a tone that forces you to agree, before the title track encourages the sort of twerking that could generate serious injury. It’s modern without trying too hard to be, melding genres in a way that feels authentic to the 20-something listener who thinks nothing of skipping between five different playlists a day. Wondering what 2019 sounds like? This might just be it.

Introducing Biig Piig

Introducing Biig Piig

Born in Ireland, raised in Spain and residing in London, Jess Smyth is amalgamating heritage and genres in increasingly singular fashion.