Feels like we only go backwards: Unknown Mortal Orchestra have a name for their new album

“I want to get the cover and the name and then work backwards,” explains Ruban Neilson.

After sharing new single ‘First World Problem’ back in May, Unknown Mortal Orchestra have confirmed they’ve started work on their new album.

It’s not your usual update though - Ruban Neilson wants to “work backwards” this time around, apparently. In conversation with Too Many Blogs, the UMO head honcho explained his newfound process.

“I’ve kind of started it,” he said of album four, the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Multi-Love’. “I have the name of the album, that’s the first thing that happened. I’ve also commissioned a cover for it. I want to get the cover and the name and then work backwards. I also want to decide on how many songs are going on there before I even start recording, and then decide the names of the songs too. Like just decide everything before I even start on the tracks, just to give myself some structure.”

‘First World Problem’ “doesn’t really have any bearing on the next album” he also explained. “It’s just a song from the headspace of where I am right now. We thought we’d put it out as a bonus thing. I like putting out a little bit of extra music for people, like the acoustic thing and at Christmas I put out a twenty minute instrumental thing. It might be on the next record, who knows.”

No word on when LP4 might drop, but the wheels are at least in motion, eh?


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