Exclusive: The Strokes are “slowly but surely working on an album”

Guitarist Nick Valensi confirms plans in an interview with DIY.

The Strokes are currently at work on a new album, according to guitarist Nick Valensi.

Speaking to DIY’s Liam Konemann, Nick didn’t go into too many details, but he confirmed the group were working on a new full-length, following the release of this year’s ‘Future Present Past’ EP.

“We are slowly but surely working on an album,” he confirmed, adding: “I don’t know when it’s going to be released, we’re kind of just in writing sessions. We’re writing. I’m actually in New York at the moment, at a studio in New York for that.”

The guitarist is readying the release of his new group CRX, whose debut album ‘New Skin’ comes out later this month. He’s the last of The Strokes’ members to start his own side-project. Bassist Nikolai Fraiture also formed a new group this year. Summer Moon finds him working alongside members of The Airborne Toxic Event, Jane’s Addiction and more.

Earlier this year, Nick told NME the band had plans to release new music “next year”, adding: “If I start saying a lot now, people get too excited. Then there’s all this hype you’ve got to compete with, and that’s not fun. If anything, I’d rather just pull a Beyoncé at some point next year and just drop shit. “

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