Album Review Mothers - Render Another Ugly Method

Not always uplifting, but it consistently delivers.

Mothers - Render Another Ugly Method

‘Render Another Ugly Method’, finds Mothers sticking to the blueprints set on 2016 debut ‘When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired’. Here Kristine Leschper is capable of sliding melodies into a rush of oblique guitars, like a doleful game of Tetris - this game typically melts into slow, brooding breakdowns, or sharp rushes of glitchy feedback, as displayed audibly on ‘PINK’. Mothers step into ambient territory on ‘MOTHER AND WIFE’, and Kristine exhibits her imperfect yet titanic vocal range. ‘BAPTIST TRAUMA’ finds Mothers fiddling with polyrhythmic drum beats, paired with Kristine’s skittish and agitated guitar work.

This discern of agitation and nervousness is heavily felt throughout, but its best displayed on ‘WESTERN MEDICINE’. Even so, ‘WESTERN MEDICINE’ is still the most instrumentally taut track on Render Another Ugly Method, which is odd for an album that feels like a self-induced, fifty-eight minute panic attack. Mothers have taken their tactics of constant instrumental juxtapositions into another realm, somehow finding a middle ground between the pleasant and the discordant, where Mothers have comfortably found their niche - it’s not always uplifting, but it consistently delivers.


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