EP Review Alfie Templeman - Happiness In Liquid Form

Alfie Templeman - Happiness In Liquid Form

Bursting with indie-pop goodness.


Summer may feel like little more than a figment of our collective imaginations currently, but you’ll not find a release better suited to sunny days this month than this fourth EP from Alfie Templeman. Bright, vibrant and musically full of E-numbers - and crucially, continuing on from previous release ‘Don’t Go Wasting Time’ in glorious fashion. From the Justin Vaccines co-written bop of a title track (a man well-versed in a pop hit or two, of course), to funk-inflected earwormy banger ‘Obvious Guy’, via the psych-inflected ‘Maybe This Is Time’, a number so wavey the track’s literal waveform is a perfectly symmetrical ripple, the six-track release is bursting with indie-pop goodness. Happiness in aural form.

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