News Beabadoobee takes us through her Spotify Our Generation playlist, ‘Fake It Flowers’ & what she’s planning next

Bea spills the beans on post-debut album life and the new wave of artists she’s included in her Our Generation playlist takeover.

Throughout November, Spotify’s Our Generation playlist will be handing over the curatorial reins to a series of young artists, letting them shine a light on the peers and pals that make up their own generation’s musical network.

First up, we had Melbourne-raised, London based Thomas Headon, followed by Jess Smyth, aka Biig Piig, taking over, and now we’re catching up with certified DIY fave Beabadoobee.

Releasing her debut album ‘Fake It Flowers’ earlier this year, Bea’s had a whirlwind 2020, resulting in millions of streams and legions of adoring fans (alongside a cheeky cover feature for our October issue!).

Now, ahead of her Our Generation takeover, we find out how this year has been, chat about being a part of the coolest label on the scene, and the new acts that she’s been obsessing over.

How’s it been having your debut ‘Fake It Flowers’ out in the world?
It’s been pretty crazy! This lockdown has been pretty bless because I’ve just been chilling and sleeping so it’s been really nice for me! There’s been a really positive response. I didn’t think the album was going to do this well with people. I didn’t have an expectation for it really. I didn’t expect people to even anticipate new music from me so it’s all really surreal and didn’t really make any sense. It’s all been so strange and I’m just so incredibly happy.

Are your DMs filled?
Yeah! On the day of the album release, and even still a few now, there were loads of girls saying that they really connected with it and it helped them through a lot. It’s always really sweet seeing messages like that because it makes me feel less alone. It’s been really nice. It’s definitely surpassed my expectation of it and I’m honestly just so grateful for everything that’s happened. It doesn’t feel real! It’s so strange to me but it’s so cool.

We hear you’re working on an EP right now?
I’ve got a little thing for next year already, and I’ve got a cute little thing that’s gonna come out before the new year. Everything’s pretty much done so I’m just chilling. I definitely need a little break and I want to start writing new music.

What can you tell us about the stuff next year?
It’s very secret! I’d like to think it’s very happy music, I mean ‘Fake It Flowers’ was happy, but it’s just happy vibes.

And you’re working on it with The 1975’s Matty and George?
Yeah, I was in lockdown with them in Oxford with my band and it was the best musical experience I’ve ever had in my life. Hands down. It was so comfortable and the most wholesome time. I can’t find any other words to describe it, it was so wholesome. It was so nice.

"Loads of girls are saying that they really connected with ['Fake It Flowers'] and it helped them through a lot."

This year has just been mad for you. What’s 2020 been like looking back?
It definitely has been a whirlwind. There’s been ups and downs and I think it’s important to focus on the positives and what I really wanted to do was release this album and to create music for myself and for other people, especially girls. Despite everything that has happened this year I think I wasn’t really ready for tour, so I’m glad that I’ve been here to focus on my debut and be with the people I love.

You’ve been really at the forefront of artists tipped to breakthrough in 2020, have there been any other artists you’re obsessed with this year?
I’m really into Fontaines DC at the moment. They’re amazing. Obviously there are all these new artists who have just signed with Dirty Hit; Pretty Sick, Viji and BLACKSTARKIDS. They are honestly like my favourite artists at the moment. They’re amazing.

You’ve got such a great community at Dirty Hit. What’s it like being part of that?
It’s honestly such a happy atmosphere. Like, I look up to Rina [Sawayama] so much. I remember seeing her Jimmy Fallon performance and I messaged her directly with this paragraph fangirling like “This is the best thing I’ve ever watched in my life!” It’s so incredible to be part of something with so many talented individuals. BLACKSTARKIDS, I want to take them on tour with me! They’re so sick, and they’re so kind. There’s a bunch of really cool people that are signed to this label and it’s cool to be signed to the same label as them.

Are there any of the new acts signed that you particularly love?
Viji is one of my really good friends. She sent me her EP way before she even signed to Dirty Hit and I remember listening to it consecutively on tour, I was obsessed with it. And Pretty Sick, they’re incredible. I would love to create something with them, Sabrina [Fuentes] is super badass and her voice is incredible and really interesting. They’re all just so talented!

Would there be a mad DH Christmas party going on if we weren’t all locked in doors?
If Corona wasn’t happening, that would definitely be happening as we speak!

"There’s a bunch of really cool people that are signed to [Dirty Hit] and it’s cool to be signed to the same label as them."

You’ve already mentioned a lot of the artists you’ve included in your Our Generation playlist. How did you go about creating it?
It’s really important to shed light on all these amazing artists that I find really exciting. There’s the Dirty Hit artists like BLACKSTARKIDS, and Pretty Sick, and Viji, and Oscar Lang! He was there for the beginning of my career, recorded ‘Coffee’ and helped me put it out, and now he’s just finished his album and it’s going to sound amazing, I know it sounds amazing, he’s such a good friend of mine. Arlo Parks is also on the playlist, she’s an incredible songwriter, she’s amazing. I tried fitting all the people that I really believe in and that are so talented and are really exciting. And also people that I’m friends with because I’m so glad to be friends with people who are so into what they do!

What do you want people to take away when listening to the playlist?
I’d like to think they discover at least one new person. I mean, they’ll probably know every person because they’re all so hyped. But at least one person that they would discover and get super obsessed with and continue to support. These artists deserve it and I think it’s really important to big up the kids following their dreams and being super passionate and motivated. It’s really encouraging to see, and hopefully it encourages people to do the same.

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