Ty Segall - Sleeper

More a sonic exploration of Segall’s mind. And it’s trippy.

The PR that came with ‘Sleeper’ stresses this will be Ty Segall’s only album in 2013. It seems like a strange point to make since most artists barely manage an album every two years, but last year Segall released three, one with one of his side projects, one with his touring band and a solo effort. The jist of it seems to be ‘Sleeper’ is a fairly solo effort, though there are other musicians on the record, but is more a sonic exploration of Segall’s mind. And it’s trippy.

The music itself is lo-fi and rough round the edges. His vocals range from Dylan-esque drawls to Bowie-esque squeals, but the tone itself is relatively constant. It sounds personal. Individual. Built predominantly on an acoustic guitar with country edges, ‘Sleeper’ feels like one of Segall’s dreams drifting through sleep stages. The sound is rich, despite sounding like it was recorded in a rundown bathroom, and Segall’s drone collides perfectly with the raw instrumentals to create a very intimate record. There are moments of intensity through what-feel-like improvised guitar solos or vocal breakdowns that give the record a free and loose feel. He may well have been drunk.

Alongside the overarching feel of a bedroom record there are strong, interesting melodies and ear-catching song constructions. The album gives the impression song-writing comes easily to Segall and he would rather knock out a track in a hour or two then not worry about it more than needs be, which though it creates a vaguely sloppy record, it works for him. Each song sounds like it has an endearing air to it. At times the lack of polish can be grating, but there are moments of delicacy and sensitivity that create a more rounded record than seems to exist on first listen.

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